5-Axis Machining

With the UK's largest independently owned, full 5-axis machining centre, MonsterCAM can justifiably boast that we can handle any size Plug and GRP mould. It has a machining volume of 1,260m3 and overall length of 45metres. Depending on material and finish, the machine is capable of milling speeds of 180mt/min. Accuracy within its 'envelope' is +/-0.2mm.

We also operate three smaller 5-axis machines with a capacity up to 6 metres to cope with additional loading of smaller items.

3-Axis Machining

8 further 3-axis machines currently provide machined parts in resins, plastics and some metals. The overall machining reserves of MonsterCAM make us the most well facilitated UK based Plug manufacturer.

Reverse Engineering

During development programmes, changes might be required to the plug surface. We can reverse engineer the change and machine where necessary and provide clients with the modified data. MonsterCAM also provides a service for digitally scanning an existing part where surfaced CAD data does not exist.

Data Transfer

We receive CAD data in a wide range of formats, and convert these files into 5-axis machining programmes. Generally, we export/import files in STEP or IGES formats. For security of data transfer, we operate our own secure FTP site.