With five, 5-axis CNC milling centres, the largest of which is a huge 46m in length gantry mill, MCS is the most facilitated marine industry provider for patterns and tooling within the UK. Our expert team and their knowledge of manufacturing for large scale components enables MCS to tackle any project, for any composite based component whether large or small and ensure that we can deliver upon our clients’ requirements for high precision, structural integrity, longevity and always on time delivery.

Our large composites team are expert at the manufacture of production mould tools of any size from that of small production components for example hatches and access panels right up to the very largest of structures such as a 40m Superyacht hull and deck tools plus the many supporting components between.

And at MCS we are continually working closely with all material suppliers to the marine industry to ensure that we embrace new solutions to manufacturing just as quickly as our clients may require them, adding the assurance that we are a forward looking and pro-active supplier to our clients’ every changing needs, helping them to remain fully competitive within their own marketplace too.

To specifically serve the marine industry, MCS operates from a large waterside based facility where we have our own access straight out onto the Solent for those projects that are just too large to travel any other way. Our facility in many situations makes us the only independent solution within the UK.

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